Counselor’s Corner

Greetings Motivation scholars!

I hope you had a great summer. This message is being sent to all Motivation scholars. I would first like to welcome all new students, including the entire class of 2024! My name is Mr. Schrodel, and I am the counselor for Motivation High School.

For ALL grades: If you haven’t already, join my Google Classroom. If you are new, and don’t know what Google Classroom is, don’t worry, you will soon. See me if you need any help with joining my classroom. I will be posting information about college and career awareness, plus other stuff high schoolers need to know.

For grades 10 and 11: take a practice test for the PSAT. That test can be found here: Click here

For our 12th grade seniors class of 2021: Make sure you follow me on Twitter, or at least bookmark the page if you don’t have an account. Once the school year starts, I will be regularly posting scholarships, college information, and other information to make your college search a success.

My Twitter page can be access by clicking here:

Also for seniors:

  • Please see the side bar on this page to get help applying for FAFSA
  • Please apply for FAFSA by clicking here
  • I highly recommend you at least start your application on The Common App. What’s that? Well, The Common App is an online application used by over 800 colleges and universities all over The United States. There is a fee waiver so they are all free. Once complete, you can use it to apply to up to 20 colleges and universities on the list. The Common App can be found here: Please click here

I also recommend you log into your Naviance account. That link can be found on your school district portal. I’ll be taking you all to the computer lab in early September for a review of Naviance, and how to use it to request that your transcripts be sent to colleges you are applying to.

Once school opens, hopefully, all seniors will be taking the SAT  and all other scholars will take PSAT during the school day at Motivation. I highly recommend you take a practice test soon if you haven’t done so already. A practice test can be found by clicking here:

I understand you may be stressing over the college application process. That is understandable. That is where my job as your guidance counselor comes in. I am here to work with you to make it less stressful! Do not worry! I will be spending plenty of time with you this upcoming school year to assist you through the process. So yes, Trust the Process.

See you next week!

Mr. Schrodel