Official SAT Guide

Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy® is the best way to prepare for the SAT, and it’s free! It’s tailored for you, focusing on exactly what you need to practice most. Get started today. Some of the important functions and tools of Khan academy are as below:

  • Interactive Problems and Instant Feedback
  • Get hints, explanations, and constant progress updates to know where you stand.
  • Video Lessons
  • Watch easy-to-follow videos that explain problems step by step and give you study and test-taking tips.
    Full-Length Practice Tests
  • Check your progress with our eight official practice tests.
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Connect your College Board and Khan Academy accounts to create a personalized study plan based on your test results.
  • Big Results

Scholars who used these tools saw improvement—20 hours of practice was associated with an average 115-point increase from the PSAT/NMSQT® to the SAT.

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