Parental Survey

Parents: Your Opinion Matters:

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District-wide Surveys

Parental Survey results for the school year 2018-19:


Do you feel our school provides a welcoming Environment for Parents?

YES                                                                                          34

NO                                                                                           0


2. Are you kept informed about parent involvement activities by the school?

YES                                                                                          33

NO                                                                                           1


3. What would enable you to participate in parent meetings, workshops, and activities?

Childcare Assistance                                                                           2

Transportation Assistance                                                                  2

Morning meetings (8:15-11:00am)                                                  12

Evening meetings (6:00-7:30pm)                                                    18

Access to information online                                                             17

Additional Translation Support/ Interpreters                                7

Other:                                                                                                      3

4. What would help you participate more in decision-making and the overall academic achievement in your child’s school?

More encouragement from the school to get involved                  9

More information on how to get involved                                     20

More information about school issues to be addressed              14

More opportunities to share my opinion about school                6


5. How would you like the Title I Parental Involvement funds used at your child’s school?

Parent Workshops                                                                  15

Parent Resource Center books                                               7

Parent Resource Center computers                                       8

Books for parents to read with their children                     8

Summer materials for use at home                                      13

Other:                                                                                        2


6. What Parent Workshop topics would be most helpful for you to support your child’s education?

-College and financial aid resources

-Preparing for future career/ military career

-Access to kids online assignment/assessment

-Tutoring and teach parents on new things and topics

-More work for home

-Helping children in next level education

-Parent is willing to support her/his child and others

-Continued communication

-PSAT courses

-More focuses on things that are priority

-Parents meeting by teachers


7. How can teachers and school staff improve your connection to the school and value what you have to offer?

-Better communication by teachers

-Helping the children for college and not to be afraid to be speak out if needed.

-Handout of all student assignment

-Sending more student information home

-Hands on

-Keep me informed

-next time motivation has back to school night, please make sure that staff is prepared to speak about their students. It was very disappointing meeting with staff. They did not even act interested.

-Constant communication and school wide community services with parents

-Even if the students do not express personal problems, as far as work is concern, revise and refresh anyway