Vision and Mission



The School District of Philadelphia Autonomy Network


College preparatory school that builds students’ capacity to master 21st Century skills in a global environment.

Motivation High School is located in a public school setting with a private school philosophy. Students learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, seek information, construct their own knowledge, foster the development of analytical methods and develop responsible citizenship.

We prepare highly competitive scholars for matriculation into ivy-league colleges and universities by engaging them in the study of world languages, sciences, advanced mathematics, social sciences, global issues, literature, communication skills, technology and character building.


1)  Establish a nurturing, scholarly environment that creates positive, productive and responsible students
2)  Provide corrective academic educational support simultaneously with high quality rigorous instruction
3)  Ensure that all students are successful in all classes
4)  Integrate technology into the curriculum as a tool to
individualize and improve learning
5)  Expect rigorous outcomes and high academic performance from each student:

  •       SAT scores of 1200 and above out of 1600
  •       Advanced/Proficiency in Reading, Writing and Math in Keystone Assessments
  •       Minimum “B” (3.0) average in grades 9-12.